Netflix Mod APK v7.61.0 Download [Premium, 4K HD, 100% Working]

Are you a movie or TV show fanatic? Do you love binge-watching TV shows or having movie nights with your friends and want Netflix MOD APK? The answer is probably yes because that’s why you’re here. If you’re even vaguely aware of the entertainment industry, you may have heard of Netflix. We’re here to tell you that there’s something even better: Netflix mod apk. Let’s say you why Netflix is as popular as it is, and what it is that makes Netflix mod apk better.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is one of the largest streaming giants in the world. It allows you to watch a variety of movies, shows and documentaries in a variety of languages with subtitles. Operating in over 190 countries worldwide, Netflix has over 182 million paid subscriptions. It has become one of the fastest streaming websites providing content of the best quality. Netflix provides you with a legalized online streaming opportunity at a small fee per month.

Features of Netflix

If you’re wondering why Netflix has risen to such great heights and achieved so much popularity in the entertainment industry, here are a few features that explain this.

Content: No streaming website can match Netflix’s unparalleled ability to provide quality content. The app has more TV shows and movies available than any other site. Netflix allows you to access thousands of top shows and movies, watched all around the world at the click of a button. In addition to providing you with movies and shows produced by other networks, Netflix also provided you with its own original series’ and movies. This will give you a greater variety and a larger pool of content than on any other website.

Recommendations: You may, on more than one occasion, have found yourself in the position of wondering what show to watch. Sometimes you find a particular show so addictive that you don’t know if you’ll find another show that you’ll enjoy as much. Netflix makes such a task easier for you. Based on the shows and movies that you have previously watched, Netflix recommends other TV shows and movies that you might find interesting. Thus, Netflix ensures that its users remain entertained. Maybe that’s why it has gained so much popularity.

Netflix Kids: In this day and age, with the world so fast-paced, it can be a challenge to keep children entertained. Netflix provides entertainment not only for you but for your children as well. With the variety of content available on TV and the internet, it can be hard to sift through it all to provide your children with quality content. Netflix filters out all of the violent and graphic content and gives you with cartoons, shows, and movies that you would feel comfortable with your children watching.

No advertisements: Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of watching a movie or a TV show on the television or even one any other site is the numerous ads that keep popping up in between. They can destroy the flow of the movie, waste time, and just prove to be downright annoying. Netflix promises that you won’t encounter this problem as it allows you to stream any amount of content without having to deal with ads ruining it for you.

Affordability: In addition to providing such a variety of great features, Netflix also ensures that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to be able to access quality entertainment. Netflix provides you with quality content for a minimal monthly fee. Netflix has three packages to choose from:

  • Basic: This is the lowest plan, which costs $ 8.99 per month. It offers limited features. You can watch movies on one screen at the same time. The package is suitable if only you want to use this account. The video quality is SD.
  • Standard: This plan costs $ 12.99 per month, and you can watch movies on two screens at the same time in HD.
  • Premium: The highest plan offered is the Premium plan. It costs $ 15.99 per month. You can watch movies on four screens at the same time. This is suitable if the whole family wants to share. Video quality is supported by up to 4K.

One account can be logged onto using multiple devices. So the whole family or a couple of friends can share a single account, saving money.
Netflix also gives its user a one-month free trial. Before you begin paying, you can take a look at all the features it has.

Netflix Mod APK v7.60.1 Download

Specification of Netflix Mod APK 7.61.0

File typeNetflix.apk
File Size14.0 MB
Package name Netflix Mod APK
Requires Android Version 4.0 +
Download Time 10 Seconds
Version 7.61.0
FeaturesFree movies, series, tv and music
Video qualityHD 720 Pixels
UpdatedMay 11, 2020


We’re sure that all of these features have convinced you why Netflix is one of the best streaming websites in the world. However, you’re probably wondering where Netflix mod apk comes in and why it’s so much better.

Direct Download

Netflix mod apk free download latest version

Netflix mod apk is an application for entertainment that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, sitcoms, etc. on your mobile phone. It offers you all the features that Netflix has and more and that too, without costing you a single penny!

Netflix mod apk special features:

Here are some features which make the Netflix mod apk sound out in comparison to Netflix:

  • No account required: No type of account or subscription is required to join Netflix mod apk. This makes it easier to use and more hassle-free!

netlix mod apk no account needed

  • No fee: Netflix may boast of a low fee for the features it provides, but when it comes to cost, none is better than low, right? Netflix mod apk provides more features than Netflix for literally no cost at all!

Netflix mod apk no fee

  • Unlimited users: Netflix may allow multiple users to operate one account, but it still maintains a maximum capacity of 4 users. Netflix mod apk completely removes this capacity.

unlimited users on netflix mod apk

  • 4K support: If Netflix is famous for one thing, it’s the quality content it provides. Netflix mod apk ensures that quality. Netflix mod apk allows you to watch unlimited shows and movies at the highest quality, making sure that you have the best entertainment experience.

4k screen on netflix mod apk

  • Available in all regions: While Netflix caters to a wide variety of audiences, it has restrictions in certain regions. Netflix mod apk operates in all regions, making it especially necessary for people who don’t have access to Netflix.

all regions on netflix mod apk

  • Multi-language: Is English not your first language? Would you feel more comfortable watching a particular movie in a different language? Netflix mod apk caters to the needs of all of its users. You can simply change the language of any movie or show and watch it in the language you prefer.

multi lang on netflix mod apk


We’re sure that by now you’re convinced that the Netflix mod apk is a better bargain than Netflix itself. So don’t waste any time and get to downloading the Netflix mod apk to enjoy hours of quality content!

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